The Journal

(Not a Personal Journal Entry)

by Anachrony

Earlier in some unchartered parts of yesterday, I walked away from the house of a good friend. I never looked back as I treaded the streets that were empty in the mid-day sun. Looking around the rather empty village or subdivision, there were but a few houses. It was as if all of them were bought though never built upon, since the felicity of the general area seemed quite high and the place seemed well cared for. The mid-day sun seemed warm, although not to the point of creating a net of sweat droplets that would eventually plague my female-shaped backside. Indeed that would have soured the mood. In my sluggish state, I could sense that my body was becoming sluggish and that I couldn’t move as well as I wished, but my mind was still intact. I felt like an amoeba with a brain. I felt that my world was ephemeral; in which case I would have to make the most of it. The only problem that stood in the way of my completing it was this ineffable fractional immobilization that plagued my body and not my brain. Though, I thought it to be best if it had plagued the prior, seeing as how much the pain of the mind has a plethora’s worth more than that of physical pain. The last thing I would need would be for the propinquity of a ray of light from the sun to strike me hard enough to make me sweat.


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