Do You See What I See?


Do you see what I see?

Burning in incandescent glows, the fire lights up my path,
I’ve been looking for something small and I have found it here at last.
In this desolate room, just like a tomb, under six feet underground,
How many times have people cried in here, but none have heard the sound.
Just like a tree free falling in the forest, but then, who is there to hear,
When the vibrations cast around it specifies that we can’t use our ears?
Look at the people walking around, everyday with life,
Look at the child, look at the aged, look at the husband and the wife.
See how they all perceive life, with the hope that brings tomorrow,
What if the endless tale that’s being told is one that’s merely borrowed?
What if you collect those stamps in a book, protect it in hardbound?
In thirty to fifty years, will it be worth more than your life now?
Look to the future, learn from the past, coz history always teaches,
But what of the present, should we neglect it, working, but just to appease us?
I sincerely doubt the eulogies for pitiful tears that seem so pleasing,
Buying a house to shelter the dead who needs are less than those who’re living.
Keep praising the religion for their radical choice, the vice among the people,
But what do they do when the opponent comes through, they hide behind the steeple.
What do you think is required of me, my artistry or the science?
Whichever we choose we’re bound to use, the same old inspired appliance.
What’s with the quotes, those are just jokes, spearheaded by the masses,
But how can they know, more than that which we know with not a single process?
Do you not see, the sea of seas, or at least a little of what I see,
Coz when I look at you, it’s me, in states of false philanthropy.
Do you not see what I have searched for, with this godless little light?
In this palpable plight in the dark of night, where the world is no longer right?
I see what sees me as you seem to see the seas you wish to see,
With this little coin at my little employ, you’ll see the thief is thee.

Do you see what I see?


2 thoughts on “Do You See What I See?

  1. abichica says:

    i very much see what you see.. 😀

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