Imparting Artists: Ellie Goulding

(c) Ellie Goulding

Bright Lights Album Cover

Honestly, I’d hate to resort to simply reviewing music, but this is a very good exception I have to make. Ellie Goulding, a pop/electronica singer, whose songs have already dominated most of Europe, as well as some parts of America (although I live in the Philippines, I enjoy a lot of indie, mainstream, foreign/cultural, and other forms, including classical). She is, without a doubt in my mind, one of the best voices that this generation with which we currently live in, has.

I’d first found out about her through a BASSNECTAR remix of her song, entitled “Lights”, which consequently was the title of the album that followed that song. I’d been searching through a little Deadmau5, and Daft Punk, since my friends had let me listen to some of their songs and I’d downloaded the albums already. So, as I was strolling around the dark and desolate 300K-view alleyways of YouTube, there I came across her wonderful voice. Of course dutifully remastered by BASSNECTAR, the song (“Lights”) had its differences with the original, as well as the other songs that she had sung. After a while, I decided to search for that wonderfully awkward voice that seemed to dominate the most unparalleled notes that I’d ever imagined. What was even more amazing was that the songs have a rather deeper meaning than that of common music, with figurative languages that bring about a new variety of worlds with which we are surely all familiar with – especially considering the modern music which deals a hefty proportion of it’s produce towards the electronica/techno/house genres – such that it adds a new flavor to the music, that shook me to the bones.

Wonderfully crafted, the songs are quite easy to sing and will probably cause a shock-wave of people stuck with LSS (Last-Song Syndrome) all throughout their day. Not to worry though, the songs are generally not negative in nature but are more hyperactive with the original versions. Most of the songs have a lot of overlapping electronically generated tunes integrated together as if they were colliding crystals shaping together and yet maintaining a different angle towards one another. Not bad at all for a party setting, even just a small one, as long as there’s time for a little random belt-out dancing. Her voice compliments the songs in such a way that bring about disbelief with what one is hearing. Beautifully fitting as if gears in a clock, her voice seems to trigger the sound or vice-versa, which indefinitely puts one in a state of trance, yet maintaining that ever-upbeat feel to the song. Keeping in pace with her voice is rather hard, so singing along will probably remain held together with the chorus, but it is quite the good listen if one were to even want to take a slow rest for a while at a party. Generally soothing, her voice seems to make the listener want to fall asleep and keep his or her body moving with consistency to the beat. Not generally good for a solo-listen, yet still a good blood pumper if one were to go jogging or such. If one would like to fully appreciate the lyrics and the unaffected voice, since the electronica-like aspect of the music overcomes the voice at times, then I would recommend listening to the live acoustic versions which could be found on YouTube.

I have yet to hear more from this great singer, but as for an overall review, I give her a 4.8 out of 5 stars. She is more than deserving of such a high score, with her voice alone, but the flaw that caused the .2 deduction was simply that the instrumentals, and rather overuse of the electronic mixing (not her voice, but the instrumentals) somehow tainted the song at times, although it did go together to form a wonderful groove for most of the entire songs, especially with regards to the choruses. Wonderfully made, I would recommend the buying of this album, or at least giving it a listen when you’re at a party, or even when you’re alone. Take it, and I raise a glass and my cigarette to you, Ellie Goulding.


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