My Novel: Dead Tournament is Coming Soon!

I am currently working on a novel project that I want to finish roughly a month before my school semester ends. So far, I have several characters and the plot for three volumes of the book. With regards to the book itself, I have roughly 50 pages complete. the original concepts was one that I’d thought of back in High-School to which I had written 20 handwritten pages which were the size of a whole sheet of pad paper each page.

The concept revolves around a post-apocalyptic world where people have survived due to the pre-made shelters. The Earth’s resources are not completely destroyed since the countries who did participate in the war didn’t target the oil rigs, knowing that if they destroyed each other’s oil rigs, nobody would be able to survive and it would basically be a monumental suicide, so the wars were basically shootouts in the streets and the only places that were bombed with nuclear missiles were the outskirts of the big cities, where majority of the military population stay, in order to maintain control of the cities. Then come in the GEMINI (Genetically Enhanced, Modified, and Industrialized Natural Individuals) who were given their own city to thrive in. They were not bombed whatsoever, but due to the massive effect of the nuclear bombs, the radiation still affected the poor bastards. They learned to cope and evolve faster than regular humans since they were modified to begin with, and they had developed certain levels of efficiency with regards to whatever task they do. The war ended and they were left up top, while the humans hid. Now that the humans are out, these GEMINI are seeking revenge or at least they are trying to make the world a better place by destroying the inferior humans who hadn’t learned to adapt to the radiation. That’s where the Tournament comes in. Having no money whatsoever to fund another military assault on some of the only functioning cities remaining, the New Earth Republic turned to the people. They staged a tournament wherein the participants were sent in to exterminate the GEMINI and/or to find a way to kill them easily, returning to the humans the advantage over the GEMINI. That’s basically the concept in pure nuts and bolts. Many more complications will be added to the story and concepts but I can’t reveal too much right now.

With regards to current page count, I already had 70 last week, but with an unfortunate series of events (no pun intended) my PC was struck with a virus and I’d lost the last 40 pages. Thankfully I was able to salvage 30 pages, thanks to my back-up USB. I’d also sent the manuscript to one of my friends for an edit, but alas, he too had been struck with a virus and so his PC also needed formatting. I am thankful that I only lost 40 rather than the whole book because the starting pages and chapters are the most vital for the novel’s completion, and not only this book, but for the following books as well. To give everyone a heads-up on the character list I’ll give you guys an incomplete set of main characters for the story.

Team ZERO (Zombie Extermination and Rehabilitation Organization):

Lt. Frank Smithers – Team Leader – 49 – Combat Veteran, Frank had worked in the military as well as part of a covert mercenary security force that handled the GEMINI before the war. He served under the Brazilian Army where he first encountered Tommy Cox. Surviving the battle by joining forces, the two had become significantly close after the war. In his late forties, he is still a competent fighter but is more of a strategist. Employed by the GEMINI Project owners, The Phoenix, Frank has a relatively extensive knowledge about the GEMINI. (i.e. where to shoot to kill them effectively)

Dr. Samantha Riolette – GEMINI Specialist – 32 – Has worked with the GEMINI since their staging and birth process. Well equipped with the knowledge about the GEMINI, she serves as a chemical analyst for the team. Also knowing how the GEMINI function, she holds a more in-depth knowledge with regards to killing them. Employed by the GEMINI Project owners, The Phoenix, Sam, as she is called, has become the mother of the group. She first met with Frank before the war, during one of the security missions in her sector. She is currently seeing Tommy Cox.

Tommy Cox – Combat Specialist (Assault) – 33 – Has worked under the Twin City, a mercenary faction that struck all parties during the war. Advocates of civil rest and international prosperity, the Twin City group assassinate faction leaders of all combating parties, in a rapid attempt to end the war. Serving the Twin City Army in Austria, Syria, The United States of America, Brazil where he met Frank, and Venice. Introduced to Sam by Frank in Venice where they had gone to after the war for the large nuclear shelters.

Mack O’Keefe – Combat Specialist (Machine-Gunner) – 30 – Has worked with weapons for the majority of his early career. A high-school graduate, he immediately set his creative foot on the art of weapon-smithing, garnering him a high pay for his first weapon design. Employed by AnachronicWeaponWorks, he had become the top firearm designer for the company whose weapons had been used by the Brazilian Army during the war. Silent, but efficient, Mack proves to be the most physically capable of the entire team, able to carry almost all their workload for hours on end. Had encountered Frank after the war when Frank bought his designer firearm, the DragonFly. A family man, Mack has a daughter and a wife who live up to present day.

Victor Javel – Tech Specialist – 23 – Has worked with The Phoenix industries, developing new technology for genetic research and development. Just after graduating from an unnamed university, he was immediately hired by The Phoenix who had seen his potential during one of the programming presentations held in the university. Specializing in computer programming, Victor works well with computers and has the ability to tap into or hack into multiple networks, as well as tampering with locks. His programs have been used in the GEMINI Project throughout it’s lifespan. Throughout the war his parents died and he was left to himself with no siblings, only his skill. Saved by Frank during one of the security missions within the GEMINI city, he and Frank had been relatively close since. He is the baby of the team, as well as their sniper and is quite close to Sam.

So yeah, I just introduced you guys to the 1st Squad of team ZERO. The other team members are already currently active in the story, but I’m not gonna spill everything. I’ll be posting more updates soon and hopefully some character sketches when my friend and collaboration artist Lanz Belsonda has finished sketching them. There is a projected amount of 5 or more sketches to be placed into the book as well as an area map of the GEMINI city. Please stay tuned for more info on the book! In the mean time, hold on to your seats coz the novel is nearly halfway done! Thanks!


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