The Gorgeous Webcam Amateur

When he first saw her, she was utterly beautiful. He saw her face, eyes, shining so bright against the light of her computer screen. The black mascara that was placed so lightly seemed to surround the outer layers of her skin making her look as if she’d recently stayed up late. Her hair reflected a reddish brown that met at a point of mahogany. It was curled, and wonderfully draped across the back of her head. Her lips, a pure salmon that made me believe that angels did exist. Her smile made her cheeks move up wonderfully befitting her entire face. Relatively pale skin and features made her look young, and it didn’t matter anyway. He was beguiled, fully attending to his own computer screen astounded by the lavish, though nearly nude, creature that smiled to him from halfway around the world. She was a doll.

He on the other hand was not one to brag about. His build was regular, no abs, just a flat mesh of meat and guts. His hair was combed backwards in an orderly fashion, as if he were the type to wear jeans, the latest sneakers, and black leather jackets while ride on a motorbike with the latest punk music on the stereo. But he didn’t and wasn’t, nor was he ever going to as he saw himself in the future. He was a wayward creature who wore baggy jeans long sleeved shirts with another shirt over it, a cap flipped backwards, and some rubber shoes. His stereo only contained the vibrant bass sounds of hip-hop music. He was never one for the treble ridden sounds of rock music, but with her he knew that it would fit her physique, dress code and attitude. It was amazing how opposites attracted, he thought. It was cool but he was shirtless anyway, at least for the sake of the person on the other end of the camera, he would dress appropriately. It was an adult site after all, so as an adult, he decided that a dress code should be followed. Whether it mattered to the women from the other end of the camera, he wouldn’t care. It mattered to him. He kept his black cap on, however. It was flipped backwards as if to fit his personality. Upon seeing her, he smiled, and she in turn, smiled back. He liked her.

ZealotRapper11136: Hi.
SpunkieBabe395: Hi, there.
ZealotRapper11136: So…
SpunkieBabe395: So? :3
ZealotRapper11136: You’re pretty.
ZealotRapper11136: I mean.
ZealotRapper11136: Prettier than the other girls on this site.
ZealotRapper11136: Yeah.
SpunkieBabe395: Thanks. Hehe… 😛
ZealotRapper11136: Where you from?
SpunkieBabe395: Aww…  Let’s not talk about that. Is that alright with you?
ZealotRapper11136: Yeah, that’s okay.
SpunkieBabe395:  Thanks!
ZealotRapper11136: No problem.
SpunkieBabe395: So, you ready? 😉
ZealotRapper11136: Ready for what?
SpunkieBabe395: Well, this is a live porn site, silly. 😛
ZealotRapper11136: Oh, right. Yeah. Whenever you are.
SpunkieBabe395: 

She began to remove her clothes, provocatively, as rock music blasted from her speakers into the microphone. Ambient, but not too subtle, it was befitting of her. The all too familiar feeling he had in between his legs and around his body whenever he was on the website was there once more, ready to reclaim its lost treasure. She smiled all throughout the dance as she slowly and clearly undressed her top, giving him a little peek first before taking the whole thing off. She was playful and that was good. She always bit her lower lip as if she was psychic who knew exactly what could turn him on. The poetry of her movements wrought out his basest needs, wringing it from his chest. He had to comply or else he would have paid for nothing. IT WAS the least he could do to show some appreciation for her. He smiled into his webcam, and she giggled, holding her breasts up to the camera. They were his definition of perfect.

SpunkieBabe395: You’re cute, Zee. 😉
ZealotRapper11136: Zee?
SpunkieBabe395: Mr. Zealot? xD
ZealotRapper11136: Oh… Haha.

But he didn’t laugh. He just smiled at her. It was all he could do. Something about the room she was in was all too familiar. It was intensely driving him to question her location. He knew he couldn’t but something about that window, the still picture it held of the next door house. He couldn’t think straight anyway, she was too perfect for distractions. Her chubby hips began to sway, blocking his view of the window. Her shorts which were practically crudely sliced jeans had already come off before him. He could see a little hint of disappointment in her face, as if she’d failed him, causing him disinterest. He couldn’t disappoint her either. He unzipped his jeans, exposing the erection from deep within his boxers. Upon seeing this, she once more leaned into the camera, breasts exposed, nipples pink and wonderfully shaped in their slight stiffness. She was hot and heavy for him, too.

SpunkieBabe395: Wow! Big one, huh? ;))
ZealotRapper11136: Well… I guess you could call it that.
ZealotRapper11136: You’re really beautiful, Spunkie. I swear that you have a perfect pair of tits right there.

She bit her lower lip in a smile, and began to type a response. He left his fingers hovered over the keyboard, in anticipation. Checking his lines, he knew he wasn’t up to par with his lingo at the moment. Regretting it deeply, he decided against heading her off. She wasn’t a person who spent most of her time before the computer. That was for sure.

SpunkieBabe395: Haha! 😀 Thanks! You’re the first one who complimented me on them. Not many people do that. 
ZealotRapper11136: Oh. It’s an honour, then. 
ZealotRapper11136: Hey, I know you would probably say no, but I was wondering if like to actually go out with me.
ZealotRapper11136: I mean, if you’re okay with it.
ZealotRapper11136: I like you in a way.
ZealotRapper11136: I mean, I like you in a different way.
ZealotRapper11136: Just, please, don’t say no.
SpunkieBabe395: 😉 Okay. Okay. 😀 You’re funny, I like that. Haha! But let’s talk addresses later. You’re on the clock, and I don’t want you to pay for the date just yet. 😉

Moving away from the keys before he could type, she turned and slowly began to take off her remaining clothing and lingerie, revealing her butt to the screen, bending over as she removed her shorts. Giving an abrupt turn, she took off her panties, revealing her wonderfully clean regions. He smiled and as if returning the favour, he revealed his penis. He began to grip it firmly as she sat down on her chair, legs spread wide for a view that could have taken the breath of any man away. Sliding her fingers along her body, she stared deeply into the eyes of her date. She liked him, somehow. In a weird way, she did. It was an intensity of awkwardness so unfamiliar that it resonated with such a powerful attraction. Their eyes were joined with a sophisticated epoxy. They both began to masturbate, slowly picking up the pace as if timing with one another to achieve a conjoined orgasm. It was almost perfect between them, but the computer screens didn’t allow perfection. Separated by a foggy glass of wires, electronics, and computer connections, they had to make do with what they had. Besides, it was worth the pay anyway, for both of them.

The moments pressed on, and as they both reached their orgasm, she let out a slightly loud cry that pleasingly pierced his ears through the speakers. As she did, he decided to release himself as well. They both smiled, breathing heavily, after a few seconds. All he could mouth out was ‘wow’. She giggled at this, biting her lower lip once more. He left the remnants of their experience on his body. She loved the taste of semen, so she made use of what was at hand, placing her fingers in her mouth. He punched in the keys, typing in the location of where they were to meet, followed with a long-worded compliment about her performance. His fingers pressed the final punctuation key and he hit the ‘send’ button. He awaited her reply but her picture was still; still stuck in that cute smiling frozen life. He smiled, waiting patiently for her reply. Her finger was still in her mouth, and by the time he’d checked his laptop connection, his internet connection was already severed for several minutes. He couldn’t trace her anymore. She was offline too, and due to privacy settings, he couldn’t e-mail her. He slammed his hand on the desk, furious at the faulty connection.

He’d gone to the place on the specified date, hoping to see her there. She was, but all he could see was the crowd. She passed him by, waiting for him to notice, but he’d already forgotten her face. He scoured his memory, but it was blurred and he conjured up too many images. It would be hard to track her, but everyone looked the same. In a hopeless and futile rage, he stormed out of the place, hands balled into fists. She never understood why he did that, but she could tell that, somehow, it was related to her. She didn’t dare to approach, so she sat and watched him until he’d finally stormed out in a fury that would seem to match Ares himself. They walked home that night, alone, and neither of them logged on to the site again.

(c) AnachronicWorks 2011


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