I Settled for Life

Let not sorrow lead thy hand, but who am I to speak when my hand was led countless times.
By the sound of the rain, I dwell with the smells of wet grass and mud, but not to close.
I have taken it upon myself to try to escape, but the mud held thick and the grass made me slip.
I’ve tried hard, and had nearly made it across the divide of my conscious mind, escaping life forever,
When this light had caught my attention. And with a pause and uneasy shifting, I settled for life.
Knowing that I will suffer, I dare not care, because if I do, I shall be led back to that fence with the mud and grass, and this time I may make it across.
I settled for life, looking for that light. I journeyed towards it, but my eyes deceived me, and still they do.
Distant, so distant, I must journey longer than I thought, and the fence follows me. I can just step over anytime.
That’s what scares me, though, stepping over. The consistency of its presence leaves a trauma of both the light and the fence. I have no path to take, so I sit and wait patiently.
I must force patience, if not, my eager decision will leave me fucked.
I settled for life.

(c) AnachronicWorks 2011


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