What You Say To Someone You Owe Money To

I am an unnatural phenomenon caused only by a rift in time during the course of my procreation. Therefore my existence is meaningless as well as ineffable but is unnaturally natural in the sense that my creation in this dimension affects every other dimension in the exponential ways. With the inevitability of such unparalleled disclosure, I cannot possess anything or take ownership of anything other than what the universe will give to me, unless I wish to affect the other dimensions, or unless I have a said good purpose, or a just intent, which would definitely benifit the future. In which case, it was your money, which is now no longer yours but mine, cannot be reclaimed through any physical process. When the time comes, dear mortal brother, where my bodily functions are capable of doing such an act without further stressing the current mental contemplation within my mind I shall indeed repay you. But, let us not forget the parallelism of all the dimensions within their own unmatched un-patterned form. This dimension is subject only to time as a straight line, in the sense that time does not run backwards, but only forward, which is where you get your current time reference. This reference of course in the Fourth dimension would not be a considered one. In fact, if one were to simply pass through the Fifth dimension, as the Fourth dimension is taking its forward-moving place, now, then you shall be placed in the Sixth dimension, where the entirety of this whole escapade will be cancelled out, but paralleled with equal trouble. The question is, though, to whom and what will it be paralleled with? So you see, if ever you wish to regain your money, please, do not look to it from me, as all our actions in this current situation will affect what happens in every dimension, such as the multitude of possibilities achievable in the Fifth dimension. That is why you should not stress others to pay you back, more so with me since the occurrences here will lapse onto the other dimensions which may lead to the inevitable loss of objective. If stressed, you see this world no longer becomes natural, since the time rift caused during my procreation will be altered due to my unusual mental state at this point, which will then affect the future in all other ways, thus creating a more complex time lapse into another part of the Fifth dimension where I had never borrowed your money in the first place, but one where you have borrowed mine. In which case, in that dimension, which is a parallel to this as with all other dimensions, you owe me money.


2 thoughts on “What You Say To Someone You Owe Money To

  1. abichica says:

    i jumped over here coz i saw you at my blog, your blog is pretty cool.. i like it.. πŸ˜€

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