And That Irritates Me

If I were to make a list of things that were not equal in my life, I’d probably have one as long as the Great Wall of China. (Of course this is an exaggeration.) My most recent experience with inequality was what happened to me last night. I had put a post in a common (Facebook) group available for all the members of my batch in school. There are roughly 1500 members in this group and they only accept by invitation after confirming your actual batch using your name. I was let in. So, reading the posts, I notice that most of the posts are basically stupid in general, and by that I mean, the jokes are too shallow to be funny, the conversation is about who else has a Twitter account, there are some good ideas that don’t have the right words, there are promotional bullshit, and basically conversations revolve around simple concepts that are common within the batch. Being myself, I post a very well worded post to which my friend commented on. I commented again in reply to his one worded comment. After a while, we both started commenting and speaking in profound language; he speaking fluent Filipino, and I speaking fluent English. So as it went on, we got a few likes and other people commented on how well we used our language. What ticked me off was that there was a sarcastic comment, one that majority of the people liked, that (when translated from Filipino) reads: “What is this, Language Month (Buwan ng Wika)?”. Buwan ng Wika is a sort of festival in commemoration of the subjects regarding communication and language, and it comes around annually in almost every school. Being in the University of the Philippines (The State University), and the University being very politically active about equal rights and topics of the sort, I’d expected a decent comment as well as a little respect (by not deleting my perfectly ‘legal’ posts). Although I have not yet come to the part that really ticked me off. Going back to the story, a few other batch-mates commended me and my friend for our proficiency while the rest seemed to have shunned us. So the next day, which is today, I take a look and see whether or not my posts had acquired some new additions. I look around for it, and find out that my entire post had been deleted; comments and all. I tried posting several times more, and yet again it is deleted, even my posts with no links to external sites and those that have no mention of anything Google. The administrators, I presume, are either toying with me, or their feeble minds can’t seem to grasp the concepts that I relay through language, in which case, he/she is not deserving of his administrative position. Some may claim it to be spam, but I have clearly seen several other links as well as other self promotional things that were not deleted, nor were they liked or commented on. No matter what reason it makes use of, I still have that right to have my posts maintained in the site. I should still have that respect given, even though it irritated those simpletons who didn’t understand, were irritated at it, and had it deleted.

They kicked me out of the group on the grounds of SPAM. Here’s how things went:

Dear Moderator/Administrator of Facebook Group: Batch Ten UPLB,

Please do not disregard this message and read it in full detail. Thank you.

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against one or more of the moderators of the group.
It has come to my attention that not only several, but ALL of my posts were deleted, and I had been kicked from the group on the grounds of SPAM.
I would like to inform whoever did this that it is an infringement on my rights as a citizen of the R.o. Philippines, a student of UPLB, and as a former member of the group.
His/her actions against me were greatly uncalled for, since there were no stated rules against the use of links, and that there were a lot of other members of the group who posted external links. (i.e. YouTube)
I had posted several posts regarding this, and yet, he/she had still dismissed them on the grounds of SPAM. I had also asked for a reason and only Mr. Aligora (an admisitrator of your group) had deemed to reply, claiming it was SPAM.
The rest, including my posts that were directed to the Administrators, questioning the grounds of the removal of my posts, were deleted.
Comparing my posts to that of others, and using the common online definition of SPAM, I can say that I should not be charged with SPAM and treated this way.
I cannot be charged with spamming due to external linking because it can clearly be seen that there are others who post external links also.
I cannot be charged with spamming due to repeated posting because none of my posts were repeated.
I cannot be charged with spamming due to senseless posting because all of my posts had sense and there are others with more severe nonesensical posts.
I cannot be charged with spamming dut to reckless posting/linking to unauthorised sites because there is no margin as to what sites are allowed or not, and all the sites I posted have nothing to do with pornography or sadism.
I cannot be charged with spamming due to misconduct because for one thing, misconduct is not spam, there are no rules of conduct stated, and my moral code was not offended, nor was that of Mr. Brylle James Galang, Mr. Adid Beltran, Mr. Rolando Jamir, Ms. Myrrh Procianos, Mr. Whizvir Gustilo, and Ms. Celeth Kylle Gregorio, all of whom have either liked or commented on my posts.
It was Mr. Jerome Aligora who had told me that it was SPAM, although I can show no evidence since the comment as well as the originating post (mine) was deleted again.
I would like to formally request a set of rules to be posted so that there may be no confusion regarding the group’s definition of SPAM.
I would like to formally request that no action be taken against Mr. Aligora (if it was really he who deleted my posts) other than to simply explain to him my stand and for him to take action and restore my reputation as well as my membership and posting rights with regards to the site.
I do not intend to offend, nor do I intend to demean the group, its members or its administrators. I simply want my rights upheld.
Please do not take these suggestions and information lightly as these may help in maintaining the group and it’s purpose.

Thank you for your kind consideration and time,
Matthew Villapol

–>This was my message to several of the ad ministrators.

REPLY (so far):

As much as I want to verify your complaints, I am in no position as an administrator to accept your charges. If, in any case, you still want to pursue your complaint, I do believe that sending us this message will do both you and us no good as it does not direct or confer us to a higher court or panel. Nonetheless, your mandate for a clear demarcation of proper decorum in this group is duly noted and thank you for your decision to properly inform us.


I am not in any way agitating or taunting you to proceed with further charges, but as much as I am titled to your side of this dilemma, there are more than one moderator

-Mr. Cid Reyna (Moderator)


6 thoughts on “And That Irritates Me

  1. zquallleonheart says:

    That’s quite a shock. Forgive them, they still hold on to foolish Filipino-usual personality, which, one of them is, is get-daunted-by-deep-and-formal-words kind of style. Please, though, forgive them. They just can’t take much of it, that’s why many of your kind are usually silent. I don’t want to tackle on to much of these kinds because I know everyone is unique, but its just simply demeaning to do that to you. However, its up to you on what do you want to do next, but I suggest simply…forgiving them.

    • It’s okay, they apologized, after a while and then fixed things. 🙂 Thanks for the sympathy. I’m glad that certain people (Filipinos, I assume you are one. Haha! ) other than me have a taste for the English language and the use of vibrant words.

  2. zquallleonheart says:

    I don’t want to make general statements however, but that kind of treatment is usually gross. I also don’t want others, however, to think that I generalize to them what I said. It’s just so bad for that case that it’s quite insulting as well, don’t you think..?

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