A Few (Self-Made) Quotable Statements (Hopefully)

And so I think of many things to say as my rebuttal, but it’s useless to argue when they whom you speak with will not listen to your statement.

It is a natural nuisance when you bear good news and people do not care, but when you have the slightest error in way, then come the vultures.

To strive to be better is dependent on who is striving, therefore, there is no “good for everybody” only a common good among a selection.

Defining the terms weird and normal have two paradoxically similar ways; the first is that by defining normality, one generalizes an idea shared by a common set of individuals, the second is that to define weird, there must be normality, therefore those who are weird are normal to each other, in turn they become normal as well, making both terms completely unreliable in terms of using them for description purposes.

If things were all interrelated, I shouldn’t be alive.

Since each person may be addicted to something without there being a rehabilitation center for that particular, nor a particular process of stopping it, one cannot classify having a sweet tooth, an addiction to cigarettes, an addiction to chicken based meals, etc, as not an addiction.

If there is someone who does not know how to express their feelings, then that person would not be “human” in essence.

If you lead the learning towards somewhere, long enough, they will always return to where you led them.(Sounds familiar, no? I can’t remember if someones said this before I did.)

If equality really existed, then we’d all probably already be dead.

Life is a wheel, there’s no problem there, the problem is that whichever part of the wheel gets the shit will always be there stink up the rest of the parts.

To believe that one is better by merely regarding money, social status, and personality, one believes in surviving this world more than living in it.

I’d prefer to live and die, rather than to survive and die.

If everyone, literally everyone, was just nice to each other, then America wouldn’t be at the top of the international food chain, nor would any other country.

Only the young have all the problems, the old folks just enjoy the show.

We are animals whether we like/believe it or not.

When an elder person compares you to anything, it is useless to rebutt their statement and to argue; they will always think that they win.

People will always struggle to define things in this world based on normality/commonality, and since normality/commonality exists only in our head, so does everything that we think this world is.

People are like sneezes, they live short, start small, reach a peak, and sporadically disappear; the only thing that makes it worthwhile is if you can spread the cold.

(c) AnachronicWorks 2011


4 thoughts on “A Few (Self-Made) Quotable Statements (Hopefully)

  1. abichica says:

    great post.. i especially find the part ” people are like sneezes, they live short, start small,reach a peak and sporadically disappear”.. its hilariously good. never heard that comparison before..

  2. Mr.memo says:

    good points, but i dont know how to express my feelings at all, “If there is someone who does not know how to express their feelings, then that person would not be “human” in essence.”, does that mean im an alien. had lots of fight with my gf about it lol

    • In the sense that you have to do something when you feel something. Like, if you’re angry, you express it by breaking things. If you’re sad, some cry, some sit and think as a way to express or handle their emotions. :)) Though you have a point. haha!

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