Dead Tournament, Delayed…

Due to many constrictions with regards to my inspiration bank, I have to put the book project on hold for a while. Several of my professors had given my exams in a pattern that is both pleasing and displeasing to me. Pleasing because of the time I have, since each exam is roughly a week apart, to study. Downside is, several projects take up my spare time aside from studying. Traveling also takes it out of me, since I travel daily, at least 2 hours a day, except on Fridays where I take 4 hours of the day to sit in cramped up jeepneys (the Filipino version of the bus) and a dilapidated old van that goes up to the plateau called Tagaytay, where I currently live. Usually, by the time I get home, I have just enough time to sit back, watch while eating, go upstairs and fix my stuff, go online to check for updates on school things as well as do homeworks, and then take my rest. I only have time to take a shower the following day, and since it is consistently humid where I study, University of the Philippines Los Baños (This is at the foot of a mountain near countless hot-spring resorts), I am sweaty when I sleep. Indeed such discomforts have plagued me for a while now, which would explain my lack of posts here. I can only hope for more time.

Another downturn is that Mr. LANZ, will not be able to come up with drawings any time soon. I may even have to resort to my own hand to which I do not find quite well versed with sketching and coloring. Either way the book is delayed at the moment. I hope to extend the sincerest apologies to whoever is expecting my novel out within the month or semester. I may not have enough time on my hands for this. Thank you for your consideration, and I’ll just post some short stories to keep you guys busy. Have fun with them!