On The FAS Forums

So lately, I’ve been on the FAS (Filipino Airsoft) Facebook forums and basically, the news there is about how “bad” the Operation: El Trono Dos was. There were several parties who, based on the posts, walked out in complete abhorrence. Apparently there was a foul up with the marshals since the marshals were from the same place that the winning team had come from, which was also the said location of the event. Several posts had been removed by the moderators of the forums due to their unwholesome content. Ironically, the person whose post was deleted posted again, this time removing the foul content, but in essence, it still had the same content. Several other members posted with regards to this in their ‘all-caps’ text, of course, in utter disgust with what had happened during the Op:ETD. This, if I am not mistaken, is the first time that such a foul up had occurred with a national game sponsored by FAS. Personally, I severely disliked the way that the members reacted, although I did like the post, considering the obvious foul up that seemed oblivious to the ones who had caused the error. There will be another Op:ET, entitled “Operation: El Trono Dos” (again), a PAGCOR Cup (III) game. I’d decided to speak on behalf of myself in my obnoxious self; here was my reply:

“Why are there so many complaints about Op: E2? Does it really matter that much if you win the title? I thought we were just here for the game. Just to enjoy the hobby/sport is good enough for me, I’m not sure about you other fellows, but I’m pretty sure that I just want to play.

Not to be offensive, but this is where I think paintball fails and passes. In essence, paintball does not provide for cheating due to the paint, but it does provide for competition. Harsh ones that, based on most stories I’ve heard, causes after-game arguments, team fights, and the disbanding of some teams. Connecting this to airsoft; airsoft provides for cheating due to the honesty system and it provides for competition as well. It would be a little more difficult to manage, but nevertheless, I know, that as honest airsofters who enjoy the sport, we shouldn’t bicker too much.

So what if someone cheats on the tournament? It’s their loss anyway (even though, they may obtain the prize money). They are the ones who destroy the essence of the sport. The best thing to do would not be to fight them, but rather to set an example for them by graciously accepting the “defeat”, as well as congratulating them for their “win”. If we all do this, it would give us airsofters a clean cut, good image that many people who “fear” or “hate” us, could at least respect.”

I was pleased to see that many people had liked my post, although it was rather long, considering the forum was on Facebook. I just hope that what I had said had made an impact with those who were enraged. Although I myself have bouts of rage during these games, I more often than not, apologize for my behavior to which the people I apologize to (hopefully) forgive me. Nonetheless, this was my input and I was glad it was heard.

(c) Anachronic Works 2011

* FAS Forums on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/filipinoairsoft

** Operation: El Trono Dos (Original Thread): http://www.filairsoft.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107216


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