On The Violence of Videogames

I just realized.

You know how our parents area always saying that it’s the violent videogames that make us worse, disrespectful, and generally violent? I’m pretty sure you do, if you ever tried playing any form of non-Flash based, or heck, never mind, pretty much ANY VIDEOGAME for that matter. My parents used to say it when I was a kid, and well, they’ve stopped now, and pretty much don’t care now that I’m 18. The thing is, I find the statement utterly boorish and not well thought out. It kinda reminds me of Merry and Pipin from Lord of the Rings. Pretty much idiots with no actual knowledge of the shit, but at the least, have good intentions for the people involved.

Anyway, I figured that most videogames are violent in nature. Well, DUH. However, I also figured that these early videogame designers are pretty much those geeks who paid good money for a baseball card or some Dungeons and Dragons books and character sheets. These are the guys our parents pissed off back in high school and ridiculed. It’s either revenge scheme, or just a reflection of the anger felt. Just as we feel angry towards our fellow man, we need a way of releasing this tension. VIOLENTLY. So instead of literally taking a gun and blowing a half-inch hole into his or her head, getting arrested and going to jail, (although there’s the Scarface alternative) we play video games. We play with the the violence in the videogames as a way to kill that asshole at the gym who laughed at your spandex shorts while you tried so hard to shed off those vaguely unappealing 30 pounds of lard which you probably ingested because some girl screwed the basketball captain (and because your mother said it was okay and stuffed your ass with cookies).

If videogames induced violence, then I would probably be a fucking brown mini-Hitler right now (you never know, though). The only reason I like videogames is because it was the closest I had to firing actual guns at actual people, other than airsoft. I was already “violent” (if you call playing with toy soldiers and cheap plastic bb guns violent) before videogames started. I’m assuming the inventors of the crossbow were also ridiculed because they couldn’t hold a fucking longbow with their scrawny arms. It was an even better weapon than the longbow when it came to force. Heck, I definitely think that beating someone to death with a golf club in a GTA game is still better than grabbing one of your dad’s putters and whacking the shit out of the school jock who just won the school championship and made out with that brunette you moon over.

Videogames are generally a haven for people’s stresses and I doubt that they induce violence as much as they are induced by man’s violent nature.

(c) Anachronic Works 2011


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