It started out as a regular airsoft match. The usual guns blaring and crossfire. Until it reached 5:30pm. Out of the 100 that came on that day, around 60 were left. Then someone suggested a zombie game. We had our doubts about it, but when majority liked it because of the change of game play, we eventually had to join in. The rules were simple, nobody was allowed to use automatic fire and the zombies could be revived by their teammates after a minute or so. From the 60, some 40 people were to become the zombies, I was lucky to get into the human team. The mission, to be able to make it to the rescue point before the timer runs out. Since the time was 1 hour long, we had a good chance to make it in time. That’s where I was mistaken, it was harder than expected. It was dark, our base was barren except for the 20 of us who stood by for the siren that set us off. We could see into the darkness of the trees and barricades. They were there, walking, crouching and hiding, they were smarter than your average zombies. They knew we were coming, we were food for the feast, with only a little ammo left, and disabled firearms, we wouldn’t be able to hold off for long. The siren rang in our ears, it was ‘Go Time’, the first few of us charged straight ahead, but I was able to get a few people to wait with me. I told them that if we waited, we’d get a clearer shot at reaching the goal. The first few rounds went off, a few frightened screams echoed, the first 3 were out. We were only 4, as soon as the next 3 came out, we made a break for it. We all ran the way we planned, guarding each other’s back. Zombies rushed us. They came from all sides, we couldn’t move anymore, we had to hold them off together. They blocked the way forward and back, probably hoping to send us splitting up, and running into the forest. We were about to do that, but then one of our group members ran off before we could. He ran into a pack of zombies. After seeing that, we decided to hold off our position till the end. We made hell of a combo, we worked like gears in a clock. That is, until the horde of zombies rushed us. We were in the middle of our reload cover fire when they came. All sides filled up with the rushing undead. Then, like one of those heroes in the movies, one human airsofter came out from nowhere, carrying his gas powered revolvers. He ran towards us and cleared the path towards the rescue point. We didn’t waste time, we all started running like hell. He led the way for us, but then, just as we neared the point, a zombie out of nowhere pushed him off the trail. In a split second, one of my group mates opened fire on both of them, as he did that, he slowed down. A couple of zombies took him out in a flash. It was me and the other guy left, almost to the point. We were probably the last two out there. I was so close I could feel salvation, until a zombie pushed me off the trail. My ally hesitated a bit because I was in front. Then he decided to shoot. Both I and the zombie were out. It was his chance, but then as he turned, he ran straight into 3 waiting zombies. It was a hell of a fun game even though we didn’t win, after all of that, we decided to play another round, but we never forgot to have fun.

* This was written when I was in high-school. Please bear with me.

** The event took place with several acquaintances with whom I had never had the chance of meeting again. I sorely miss that game.

*** This was my first short story regarding airsoft.

(c) Anachronic Works 2011



  1. Wow! Thank you! I continuously needed to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a part of your post to my website?

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