I Like It.

When my feet smell, I like it.

When my armpits smell, I like it.

When my nose drips, I like it.

When my eyes become red, I like it.

When my body sweats, I like it.

When I clean out my ears, I like it.

When I piss, I like it.

When I take a dump, I like it.

When I grow my nails, I like it.

When I scratch my dandruff, I like it.

When I fart, I like it.

When I shave my pelvic area, I like it.

When I do these, I like it.

There’s just one reason, and one reason alone why I like all of these putrid and disgusting acts that disturb the fuck out of other people. It’s a reason so simple, and almost naive in a way. It’s something that a twelve year old can understand but can’t explain. It’s what most babies do every day, of course with several exceptions. But to sum it up as to why I like these things; it’s simply because these things make me human. I know I am no god, nor am I a demigod. I am no demon, nor a hell-spawn. I am no wild animal, nor am I domesticated by anyone. I domesticate myself, I, as a human being, under the Mammal section of the Animal Kingdom. It is what defines us, separates us, enhances us, destroys us, and makes everything about us, well, about us. Our humanity, so if you take a look at the person next to you who blows his nose, don’t frown and turn away. Hand him/her a tissue if you have one, or hand him/her a smile. If someone does not shave their pelvic area, it doesn’t matter, because it’s what makes us human. (However, I am not telling you to not shave. Please do so first, if you want me to take a look down there.) If there’s one person who has sore eyes, smile and hand them a pat on the back. (And then disinfect your arm with alcohol.) If someone cuts their nails, and one of the nails hits your face, simply excuse the person and mention that it disturbs you. All these things make us human, so nothing we do should disgust us. I myself cannot fully do this, but at least a try would make things better, whether for others or for us.

A simple rant, I prithee not use it, nor hold it ill against me. Thanks for the time.

* This is just a rant, a thought that I hold against no one.
** I hope you share the same sentiments.

(c)AnachronicWorks 2011


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