On An Episode of The David Pakman Show (Christian College Enforces “Anti-Gay” Bible, but Not “Stone Your Wife” Bible)

The Apparent Video: Christian College Enforces “Anti-Gay” Bible, but Not “Stone Your Wife” Bible

His Website: The David Pakman Show

On this topic, I would have to say, too true. Indeed restricting school bylaws to further “enhance” the school’s “Christianity” would actually be an ironically self-defiant attempt. To follow the by-laws of the Old Testament’s Ten Commandments, would mean that they neglect to follow Christ Himself and thus they neglect to follow Christianity, but rather, they adhere to follow Jewish scripture. I agree that it does disrespect the law, both there in the USA and the Philippines (which has a countless number of schools that force the same issues as on the video), however, it also is hypocritical. If they were Christians, then they should follow the laws laid down by Jesus, in the New Testament. “Love your God,” and “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,”. If they would adhere to this, then they would let the staff and students have their own personal preferences on what to do with their bodies and lives, not to mention choice of belief (however since it is a “Christian” School, the assumption is that it is exclusive to Christians, who in turn, may have varying beliefs as well). If one does love their neighbor, then by all means, let him/her choose what he/she wishes, and respect it. There is no love without first having respect.

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