Dead Tournament’s First Chapter

Dead Tournament’s First Chapter is now available for viewing at!


Dead Tournament follows the life of one Lt. Smithers and his crew after surviving the Last Great War, the last apocalyptic nuclear war that destroyed a vast majority of life throughout the world. Humanity, although on the brink of extinction, has pulled together into one last effort to survive on the last God-given green on this Earth by forming The New Earth Republic, combining parliamentary and democratic governments, they have come up with a means to survive. Stationed around the Atlantic Ocean, the N.E.R. thrives, however upon the discovery of a string of undamaged and abandoned research cities of The Phoenix, an extinct but powerful corporation during the Days of the Surpassed Archaic Governed Empires, humanity quickly realizes that they are no longer the only educated species on the planet…


– The first chapter is final, and will be added to the actual book.
– The teaser is subject to editing before it will find it’s place behind the book.
– Pictures will be up soon, as soon as Mr. Belsonda finishes with the character layouts.
– Project Samantha Riolette is a go, and photos will be up soon.
– I will be writing more pages over the next few weeks.

* Enjoy!

(c) Anachronic Works 2011


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