Tumblr Exclusive Post One

There’s a new Tumblr Exclusive Post on my other blog. A little short story I made for a friend of mine, Alex. She specifically requested that I write her a story for Christmas, and here I am, writing it as a gift. Enjoy your the season’s moments, and I wish you all the best again for this season. I will have a Christmas-Dedicated post going up on the 24’th of December, which is tomorrow (time check is 2:20am, Dec. 23, 2011) for all you people who don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with. Whether you’re working or studying in another far off place, or just plain bored on the Night Before Christmas, then you can drop by if you’d like and give that post a read. It will be my last post for the year 2011, and I promise it’ll be something special. Although, on the off chance that I do not get to post it, I’ll post it up ASAP. Hope you guys enjoy this Christmas!



(c) Anachronic Works 2011


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