The Dog Feed Article 3

Okay, so the Feb Fair went very well actually. The booths were nice, as well as the amounts of people going around. Tuesday night was especially a blast, considering the amount of couples whose lives weren’t too fucked up that they had enough time to stroll around the dew-filled grass as the cool night wind progressed. Wednesday was like we were anal fucked by the rain. It stopped a lot of people from going out, but boatloads were still undeterred. Umbrellas save the fucking day! Unfortunately, I don’t use those, and got sprayed pretty well.

On Tuesday, I, brought the ol’ GF over for a little quality romantic time. It was a good place to have a date, but I don’t need to tell the majority of you about that. I’ve seen many couples before, but jeez, the place was loaded with hormone-high teenagers whose primary objectives were to flaunt enough estrogen and testosterone to load up a new civilization by itself. Ironically, this goes out to everyone, even me, and even those who are single. All in all, it was pretty damn good.

All was, however, with the exception of the obscenely loud music/stage shows that continued to blast ears like they were being fucked out from the inside of their eardrums. Not that the music was bad, it was just too fucking loud! Well, being deaf on the left ear has it’s upsides, but being normal doesn’t have one in this case. The sounds reached as far as New Dorm or even out into the main road. It was like being skull-fucked out of your mind with the bands. If they’d had the decency to lower the volume, then a lot more people would have enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. Knowing a few oldies who manage the Makiling Airsoft Club’s Booth, they can rarely appreciate the loudness of it all. I could barely catch soem shut-eye in the dorm. Towards the end of the week, I was so tired of the loud sounds, I didn’t even listen to my music player on my way home. I suggest, lower the damn volume! Somehow, I can still hear my ears ringing.

The rain was a bitch, too, and it took some time out of the fun. Much of the stalls had trouble fighting it when it got hard, and the amount of people steadily decreased throughout the night. The son of a bitch just decided to fuck things up for the hell of it, and grill us the following day. It was as if the sky took a good ol’ piss on Los Baños. Well, the name was served. Nevertheless, throughout the shit-filled pesky nuisances of the week, the Feb Fair was generally good. A relatively good percentage actually said that the fair was okay, and so far, none have said that it sucked, nor that it was one of the best. I’m guessing we just had a good run this time.

To those who managed the whole damn thing, from the people up on the stage to the people down in each little corner booth, I can definitely say a job well done. I also have to congratulate the current Student Council and all the other affiliated groups for a great Feb Fair. If there’s one thing we college kids know how to do, we know how to throw a goddamn party! Have a great weekend everybody!

(c) Anachronic Works “The Dog Feed 2012”


3 thoughts on “The Dog Feed Article 3

  1. faTWave says:

    Haha, I never went to the Feb Fair yet, even on my first year! HAHAHA! Well, I wish I could have seen it though, thanks for the great…what, “review?” of the Feb Fair.

  2. faTWave says:

    Oh, wait, let me rephrase that…I DID NOT ONCE GO TO THE FEB FAIR…I will…maybe…someday….HAHAHA!

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