On Religious Status Messages / Chain Messages

The owner of the Titanic said, “Not even God can sink this ship.”
And we already know what happened.
Marilyn Monroe said, “I do not need Jesus.”
Three days later she was found dead.
John Lennon said, “I am more famous than Jesus.”
That same day, he was shot 7 times and he died.
A mother told her daughter, “May God accompany you.” Ironically she replied, “In the trunk because he does not fit here.”
On this trip there was an accident and everyone was killed and the trunk remained intact.
If you are not ashamed of Jesus, please re-post. (^_^)

I am not ashamed of Jesus, he was a good person in the Bible.
I am not ashamed of God, He/She is out here somewhere.
I am not ashamed of Religion, I just don’t want to pick one.
Re-posting this, doesn’t prove that anyone really cares.

If they want to show they care about their God,
Shut the hell up and follow the scriptures,
Do your deeds for the good of others, as well as yourself.
You do not need internet text, or the use of foolish pictures.

So basically, that is what I did. If people really did love their God, they would not threaten others into claiming the statement above as proof of love. One of God’s teachings is humility, of course, though one can be proud of their God, but this post steps way above the appropriate level of pride. One does not need to spread this to prove that he/she is not ashamed of their God. The statements above the last one (“John Lennon said…”) provide a subliminal threat, that, if read fully, could be taken as “If you don’t re-post this, you risk God killing you.”. This fallacy however, should not be propagated, and believably so, the Church should be against this, since it influences people greatly, about a wrong concept. Having read the scriptures, one could easily say that God (Christ particularly) would not do that. In the scriptures, God is said to have undergone a change (New Testament & Old Testament, and Noah and the Ark), which is also a human trait, which adds to the thought that God is naught but a human figment. Granted that the scripture also says that we mortals cannot understand God, per se, however, it is still poorly constructed. The summation just casts all inexplicable and ineffable loose ends into the abyss of “it is incomprehensible by humans because we lack the intellect”. This attribute is very much questionable, however, believed by many people. Not that the existence of God is false, the mere construction of the religion that surrounds God is what can be deemed as inappropriately made.

Moving back to what is said in the letter; do the Christians worship a God who can easily be irritated, challenged, and manipulated? If that were the case, then I could threaten God and He (based on Christianity) would either kill me in an attempt to accept the challenge, or simply let me win and accept my terms. This creates an atmosphere of people believing that God has some tid-bits of human nature. If God were really all knowing and all powerful, it should stand to reason that He would not take offense because God does not have Pride (one of the Seven Deadly Sins); otherwise He would have a human side, in which case God is not necessarily the all-powerful, and thus this debunks His all-goodness. Also, if one were to read the scriptures, God Himself, says that one must do things with humility; it is essential for the entrance to heaven. If one believes in God, then say so discreetly, with no irrational sub-context-ed threats to others. The mere fact that one announces that he/she prays and shows off his/her rituals is already seen as irritating to God, therefore, this act of creating chain messages that threaten or boast about their strong belief in God is an act against God himself. If the above should be claimed as “God’s mysterious ways of teaching His followers”, then we should all be dead, as should I for challenging Him. If that were the way God taught His followers, then those of other religions should have been eradicated from the start. The above statement is an assault on the scriptures that the person who created this claims to be following. What’s worse is that most of these statements and misconceptions plague the internet, as well as our cellular phones when they are passed. Some people believe it wholeheartedly and it remains in the back of almost everyone’s mind.

Going into particulars, here are some facts from the message:

–          The story about the car and the daughter has no particular reference, and could be fabricated entirely for the sake of the post.

–          John Lennon did not say he did not believe in God on the same day he died.

–          Re-Posting the message does not necessarily make you un-ashamed of your God.

Counter-statement-facts (Facts that show the opposite of the scenarios above) :

–          Hitler was Catholic and never denied his faith, and God let him kill millions.

–          John Lennon’s assassin was Christian.

–          The Church killed many people in the name of God, however, they were not stopped by God. (Does God take sides, like a human?)

–          “Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich”Napoleon (A Catholic)

–          God knew Marylin Monroe’s sentiments long before He killed her. (God is all knowing.)

–          The statement about the Titanic was “It is unsinkable”, and the statement was used proudly.

–          Re-Posting the message is a form of evoked Pride, which is a “Deadly Sin”.

Each religion should educate their followers, and their followers. Also since they (the religion’s followers) do follow the rituals and teachings of the said organization dedicated to the worship of God, they should listen attentively to the lessons of the said religion. Being an Agnostic Theist, I and my kind would prefer not to choose a religion to base ourselves upon, however, we do believe in the existence of a Supernatural Being that created us. My parents are Catholic as is the rest of my immediate family, and I am forced to attend Mass every Sunday. I may not follow the religion, but I still listen to the Priest preach to the masses. Not to preach to those who already know, and not to boast, I still see that there are many other people who are “hardcore” followers text and chat throughout the Mass, barely listening to the teachings of their religious leader. This may be the cause of the above messages. To sum it up in simple words for everyone to understand, I say:


* References:



** This is not an assault on the Catholic, Christian, and any other Religion. It is merely a reminder to keep their followers in check.

*** I assume the creator of this post is Christian, due to the reference to Jesus.

**** Enjoy.

(c) Anachronic Works 2011

We Have Time (A Poem)

I’m wondering how the world would be without the essence of existence.

What words are there to explain this resistance to persistence?

The persistent push of mother nature, and yet we keep our distance.

Our lives are futile without each other’s assistance. In this stance,

We try to survive in this world of hatred and we still dance.

We still dance to the rhythm of the music of sleep,

We still dance to the sounds of our demise that creeps,

So deep. So deep.

Intrepid in our futile push to survive, so deep.

I’m apologetic to you, and you’re irritated with me.

I’m in sorrow, with all the chaos in our sea,


Insanity brings me comfort, bringing me back to reality.

The intensity, of this system of inconsistency,

Is as fucked up as the discomfort of plasticity.

A poem for your sake has brought me to my low grades of D,

G, the chord I play with the C to hopefully let you see,

E, and I hope that this basic tune will let me be,

That I love this music, and I love your music…

And I’m tired of this world, and I hope you’re not as tired.

I want to forget to remember to remember to forget,

It’s been said.

If we have time to love ourselves, we have time to love others.

We have time to dance, we have time to sleep, we have time to cry, we have time to fake it.

Time however, is of the essence and I can’t conceive shit.

I can only wish for the sake of this, that we make the most of our time in this,

This world.

And the most of my time will be well spent on you.

(c) Anachronic Works 2011

Please Visit My Tumblr Blog (Commentary on Tumblr included in this post)

My Tumblr

So, again, I’m on Tumblr, and I post there also, regularly, it would be nice if you other Tumblr Bloggers out there would follow me. I don’t always follow back “re-blog whores”, but I do make exceptions. The reason for this is because, I prefer my blogs to be generally self-post oriented, and not just some stuff I find on the internet. I’ve never understood the purpose of being a “re-blog whore”. If one takes the picture from someone else, posts it to their site with credits, without even commenting or modifying it, I see no purpose in doing it. Other people then, do the same, and it will all amount to an endless chain of purposelessness. I try to put purpose in whatever I do, even though the purpose can be sometimes senseless, at the very least, there is the existence of one. I find “re-blogs” rather senseless, although I still find Tumblr to be a useful medium of connecting with others, especially people whose interests are relevant to yours. I enjoy Tumblr’s easy-to-learn, blogging technique which makes it very accessible to the public, whether hipster, “masa” (masses), or upper class people. I’ve often gone to the net-shop (internet cafe and computer rental place), and seen various people attend to their blogs and view that of others. Hopefully, I will gain my fame there by posting rather deeper, yet still sensible posts that people might love. I enjoy a lot of other blogs from Tumblr in which case I find some people there who have as much sense as I do, or even more. For starters, Tumblr is a very good place to work with, and is quite enjoyable.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and please follow me on Tumblr, and to give you an idea of what I post there, here’s my latest post, entitled; Let Me Discover Your Soul.

Just for The Memory, Right on the Mark

Thanks to my friend “Kuya” Mark Madrona, I was able to post an article on his blog; “Right on the Mark”, which I doubt was coincidental, is the TOP Political Blog in the Philippines, so far. I am very much grateful for his assistance and help with me with regards to this blog, as well as his advice on political subjects.

Wonderfully consistent with current events that are mostly regarding politics, but branching out to so much more, “Kuya” Mark, has a blog that is very much worth reading and following. With straightforward wit and proper information he storms his way across the battlefield of this writing world with his essays. I wouldn’t be surprised if he, one day, wins a national award, or an international award, for that matter, for his works. What I do in entertainment (short stories/poems) he does thrice as well in his essays.

I am very much honored to have my work “Just for the Memory” featured in his blog.

Cheers, “Kuya” Mark!


It started out as a regular airsoft match. The usual guns blaring and crossfire. Until it reached 5:30pm. Out of the 100 that came on that day, around 60 were left. Then someone suggested a zombie game. We had our doubts about it, but when majority liked it because of the change of game play, we eventually had to join in. The rules were simple, nobody was allowed to use automatic fire and the zombies could be revived by their teammates after a minute or so. From the 60, some 40 people were to become the zombies, I was lucky to get into the human team. The mission, to be able to make it to the rescue point before the timer runs out. Since the time was 1 hour long, we had a good chance to make it in time. That’s where I was mistaken, it was harder than expected. It was dark, our base was barren except for the 20 of us who stood by for the siren that set us off. We could see into the darkness of the trees and barricades. They were there, walking, crouching and hiding, they were smarter than your average zombies. They knew we were coming, we were food for the feast, with only a little ammo left, and disabled firearms, we wouldn’t be able to hold off for long. The siren rang in our ears, it was ‘Go Time’, the first few of us charged straight ahead, but I was able to get a few people to wait with me. I told them that if we waited, we’d get a clearer shot at reaching the goal. The first few rounds went off, a few frightened screams echoed, the first 3 were out. We were only 4, as soon as the next 3 came out, we made a break for it. We all ran the way we planned, guarding each other’s back. Zombies rushed us. They came from all sides, we couldn’t move anymore, we had to hold them off together. They blocked the way forward and back, probably hoping to send us splitting up, and running into the forest. We were about to do that, but then one of our group members ran off before we could. He ran into a pack of zombies. After seeing that, we decided to hold off our position till the end. We made hell of a combo, we worked like gears in a clock. That is, until the horde of zombies rushed us. We were in the middle of our reload cover fire when they came. All sides filled up with the rushing undead. Then, like one of those heroes in the movies, one human airsofter came out from nowhere, carrying his gas powered revolvers. He ran towards us and cleared the path towards the rescue point. We didn’t waste time, we all started running like hell. He led the way for us, but then, just as we neared the point, a zombie out of nowhere pushed him off the trail. In a split second, one of my group mates opened fire on both of them, as he did that, he slowed down. A couple of zombies took him out in a flash. It was me and the other guy left, almost to the point. We were probably the last two out there. I was so close I could feel salvation, until a zombie pushed me off the trail. My ally hesitated a bit because I was in front. Then he decided to shoot. Both I and the zombie were out. It was his chance, but then as he turned, he ran straight into 3 waiting zombies. It was a hell of a fun game even though we didn’t win, after all of that, we decided to play another round, but we never forgot to have fun.

* This was written when I was in high-school. Please bear with me.

** The event took place with several acquaintances with whom I had never had the chance of meeting again. I sorely miss that game.

*** This was my first short story regarding airsoft.

(c) Anachronic Works 2011